Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Shop Sample?

Here's an EQ7 image of a quilt that we hope will be displayed in the shop. It is inspired by a Nineteenth Century quilt that was used by Barbara Brackman in a pattern for Moda. Aurora's version will feature Civil War reproduction fabrics in this traditional Nineteenth Century pattern. It is without borders, since fabric was dear and work was done by hand. Imagine sewing yards of strips together by hand! Yes, there were home sewing machines, but they were priced out of the budget of most homes. The original quilt was made to fit a four-poster bed, but the shop sample will be nap-sized. Ask us how to make your version fit your bed!
About me: I am the spouse of a Foreign Service Officer assigned to the US Embassy in Vilnius, Lithuania. One of my "off-site" jobs is to work up shop samples. Of course this depends on access to fabric and that depends on the ability of the fine folks at Dulles and Newark airports in the US and Copenhagen, Frankfurt, and Vilnius airports in Europe to clear their runways. When you see something I've made in the shop, take a moment to consider how far it's traveled to be with you. Somebody should be allowed to use those miles for a holiday!

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