Saturday, February 5, 2011

Architectural Drawings

Architectural drawings have been submitted to the City of Manassas for their review board that meets in March!  We will have a hanging sign on Church Street side of the building and a wall mounted sign on the Quarry Street side. Good thing the handy man (aka Jim the husband) is a Structural Engineer and will represent us at the review board. Wish us luck that we pass.

Then the next step will be to obtain a permit to hang the signs. Who know that there was so many steps to getting a sign. We're located in a "office" complex were all the signs are the same, my signs have to match the other signs in the complex. My  plan for obtaining a sign was I call the sign guy, he makes the signs, he hangs the signs and then I'm done. The best plans of mice and men....

The city has no provisions for "temporary signs". A sandwich board sign would need 8x10 glossy photos, Architecturaldrawings showing the sign size and locations, plus all the necessary clearances. The big stopper is the 1 Million dollar insurance policy made out to the city incase someone would to have an accident and sued the City.

Next thought - a banner - that could be flown where the hanging sign would be installed.

When you enter old town Manassas, Route 28 South is called Church Street and is a one way street. The first signal is Church and Main Street. Look on the right for a brick office building with 9100 Church Street on the end of the building. We're located in this building complex.  You will need to turn right on Main Street, left on Quarry and left into the parking lot, look for us in Suite 101.

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