Monday, August 22, 2011

Bug Jar Quilt - Shop Sample

 Ginny, Amanda and I are working on a Bug Jar quilt with fabric from Blank Quilting. We found some quilt patterns of different kinds of bugs that will fit into the jars and carrying cases. This one has frogs on it another jar has spiders!

Amanda is busy making up kits for this quilt. The kits should be available later this week both on line and at the shop.

The pattern is free and available on Blank Quilting's website.

In case the Bug Jar Quilt is just too cute for you I've included a picture of a quilt I've finished for my son Matthew. The pattern is called Sidelights and the picture on the packaging shows some beautifully restful floral fabric. I thought what a great pattern to show off this scary motorcycle rider and psychedelic fabric on the sides.

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