Monday, August 22, 2011

QR Code Uses

Have you seen these in store windows, in magazines and on historical monuments? These are QR codes which originated in Japan. QR stands for Quick Response as they can be quickly read by a smart cell phone and will take you to a website that is embedded in the QR code. The reason that they are more useful than a standard bar code is that QR codes can store more information, including urls,  geo coordinates, and text.

We have a QR code on the shop window, so you could be standing outside the shop and scan the code to see what our shop hours or additional information about us.

I've doing some additional research on some quilting related uses for the QR code and have found these ideas:
  • A quilt that looks like your QR Code
  • Using a QR code as part of your quilt label
Both fun ideas.

Check out the following blogs:

2d QR Code Quilt  to see a QR code quilt by Rubi McGory

Seems to Be You and Me to see how Cindi Allen used the QR code on her label.

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